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June 18, 2010

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Enzo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Enzo
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Friesian Horse Gelding
Home: Northern California, USA
   Since childhood, I had always dreamed of one day having a "fairy tale" horse. In my mind, that fairy tale horse has always been a Friesian. Their beauty is magnificent and timeless. Their grace and stature continually take your breath away. And their "puppy dog" personalities make it impossible not to fall madly in love with them all. At the age of 31, my husband and I started researching the breed and then went "shopping." After almost a year of searching for that perfect horse, we found him in Holland. We flew him into the US and he truly is everything I wanted my "fairy tale" horse to be. The added bonus is that he's an absolute love bug.

    Enzo is very affectionate. He would rather follow you around like a puppy dog, than hang with the other horses. One of his favorite things is he really does like to watch what people are doing. If someone comes near his paddock, he trots up to the fence and knickers at them. Another favorite thing is to roll (which is not my favorite thing, as I have to groom this big, black horse every day and then he'll go right out into the paddock and roll again - and believe me, every piece of grass, hay or leaf stands out against that solid black coat! He loves to hug. If you stand under his neck against his chest, he will literally hug you with his head. He also loves to give kisses. He I bonded greatly very quickly! I really could not ask for a better horse. He far exceeds the expectations I had.

    I'm very sad to say I had to sell my handsome, wonderful, fairytale of a prince after a few years with him. I miss him terribly. Illness tore me away from him and it wasn't fair to just leave him in a pasture when I was too sick to take care of him. Thankfully, he has a wonderful home with other Friesians and I'm happy and healthy now too. Phew - getting old is the pits. I love him, and think of him every day, but this particular breed of horse bonds very closely to their owner. In order not to confuse him, I am giving the new owner distance to bond with him herself. It's a good thing, and I am happy knowing he will be happy there. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to see him again, but I will wait for a while, for his sake.

Enzo, the Pet of the Day
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Enzo, the Pet of the Day
Enzo, the Pet of the Day
Enzo, the Pet of the Day

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