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June 17, 2010

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Milo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Milo
Age: Five months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Husky pet rat
Home: Thurgau, Switzerland
   Milo is a wee rat boy. He is pretty active and loves the water as you can see. He definitely adores having a warm shower. I am teaching him some tricks, but we are not that good so far, but he's still young! At the moment, he is learning to follow a target and sometimes he is walking on two feet just like people.

   Milo can play the blues harmonica - ok, just kidding ;)

   Milo is quite a friendly type, he loves to nip peoples' toes and then jump away and hide, only to come again to nip the toes again. Well, that might be his favourite game.

   His passion is water, as soon as he hears me filling in water into the tub he jumps into it and enjoys a shower. He also uses the snack ball sometimes.

   Milo is a very friendly rat he loves all my other rats, sleeps together with them in a hammock or in Sputnik and never causes any trouble. Milo has also some "lazy days" when he just enjoys to lie in a hammock and chill a bit.

    His favourite treat ? Well, he just loves everything edible. But maybe he prefers dried bananas. But he also loves herbs and veggies. He is just an uncomplicated, wee lovely rat boy. Oh, I nearly forgot, he loves to "kill" table tennis balls ;) Here is the video but unfortunately the titles are in German and there he is working to get a veggie snack.

Milo, the Pet of the Day
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Milo, the Pet of the Day
Milo, the Pet of the Day

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