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June 10, 2010

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Piper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Piper
Age: Four months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Standard Agouti Berkshire
Home: Roanoke, Virginia, USA
   Piper is a Standard Agouti Berkshire Rat. Piper came from a pet store with her sister Percie to be mate with my other two rats, Tilly and Addie. She was so gorgeous, I had never seen an agouti before and had to have her. She loves to escape her cage and hide out in my dresser. She's now basically living in my dresser other than when its time for dinner. She's a wonderful little rat but she's very mischeivous.

    Piper loves to get into trouble. You can't take your eyes off of her for one second or she'll be into something. Piper loves playing. You just tickle her a little bit and she's popcorning everywhere. She definitely the most independent rat ever. She likes attention but would rather be in a bag of food or chewing something she's not allowed to. Piper doesn't know any tricks yet but she's very clever and does come when you call her name, so I figure that's just the start of things she will learn!

Piper, the Pet of the Day
Piper, the Pet of the Day

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