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June 1, 2010

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Nemo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nemo
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Jenday Conure
Home: Irving, Texas, USA
   This is my new buddy "Nemo". He is an awesome Jenday Conure! I named him Nemo because of his bright beautiful colors. I got him from PetsMart last weekend, and I am so grateful to have him! He is still getting used to things here, and getting more comfortable every day! He is supposed to be tame, but was not handled much over the last months, so he has to trust people again. From what I was told, he's had a rough life. Someone had bought and took him home once, only to bring him back to PetsMart saying their parrots did not get along with him. He got depressed once while at the pet store, and started pulling out his tail feathers. They put him in their care department in the back of the store, so that he could get more attention and start to feel good about himself again. They said he responded well and loved the attention he was getting from all the store employees. Once he got better, they put him back in the store for sale, where I was told he was starting to get depressed again. When I saw him in the cage last weekend, I knew I had to have him. This was even before I knew his sad history. I would normally only get a bird from a breeder, but Nemo was different. There was just something special about him, and I wanted him out of that store and into his forever home!

    I have a Lovebird here as well, and I think he's starting to like having Nemo around to talk to! I come home at lunch every day from work and can't wait to see him for a little bit! He sounds like a loud burglar alarm when I come in, until I go over and talk to him. Once you acknowledge he is here and talk to him, he calms down and is very happy! I so look forward to him getting more comfortable and trusting, so that I may hold him like I do my lovebird and my friend's green cheek conure I have been watching! It's a noisy apartment now with Nemo, "Freebird," and my friend's conure "Gizmo," but I would not have it any other way! Nemo is a very welcome addition to my home, and I look forward to him spending the rest of his 25+ years in his new forever home! His birthday is June 25th, and I can't wait to go shopping for new toys for his birthday! He makes me proud to be a birdman!! :)

Nemo, the Pet of the Day
Nemo, the Pet of the Day

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