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July 28, 2010

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Chi Chi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chi Chi
Age: Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Charleston, West Virginia, USA
   Chi Chi is a wonderful pet. I had always been fascinated by chinchillas but had never owned one until Chi Chi. When I first saw Chi Chi he was in a pet store in a cage with three other chinchillas. They were all just eight weeks old and cute as they could be. Chi Chi came running over to the side of the cage when he saw me and stuck his little foot through the bars on the cage as if to shake my hand. The pet shop owner allowed me to hand him a raisin and I was amazed at how he put it in his paws and nibbled away at it. The pet shop owner then opened the cage and Chi Chi came wobbling out and onto my hand. He was so cute and nothing but a big ball of fur. I had to have him. I brought him home with me and I the five years since he has continued to bring a lot of joy into my life. He is so fun to watch and interact with. He has such a huge personality and loves to be tickled under his chin. He has a mate named, Lollie and they are expecting babies soon. There is no better pet than Chi Chi!

Chi Chi, the Pet of the Day

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