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July 14, 2010

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Prince Charming, the Pet of the Day
Name: Prince Charming
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pygmy Goat
Home: Jamul, California, USA
   Prince Charming is my first ever Pygmy Goat. He is a rather rare color, which is called Chocolate Agouti. He is so friendly and kind. During shows he loves strutting his stuff, too. Out of all of the goats, I always think he is the best looking (he is not as fat as the other ones lol), and he's a sweetheart, too. I have had Prince Charming from the time he was a baby, and watching him grow and explore the big world has been the best thing for me.

    We have this dog house in our back yard and he loves to run all over that thing. I love watching him back flip off the roof and still land with such grace. Prince is always looking to get into trouble, whether picking a fight with a much larger goat, or playing Houdini and escaping from his pen. He sure is an adventurous one. Prince Charming will be with me for the rest of his life.

Prince Charming, the Pet of the Day
Prince Charming, the Pet of the Day

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