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July 8, 2010

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Mickey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mickey
Age: Fifteen years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Golden Mantle Rosella Parakeet
Home: British Columbia, Canada
   I have been very closed off to loving anything since my daughter walked out of our life it was total shock to us. I had such a hole in my heart, and I found it hard to receive affection from anyone. I cannot believe how my heart just grew and made me more open to receive love in my heart again. I now feel complete and happy inside, all thanks to my lovely rosella parakeet Mickey.

    We rescued this lovely fifteen-year-old Golden Mantle Rosella. My husband was working a garbage clean-up and he spotted two cages like new, they just needed to be cleaned up. While he was putting them into the car, out came this gentlemen who said, "Would you like another cage? Only it has a bird in it, if you want it you can take it, too."

    Inside was the most neglected bird you ever saw. Its nails were so long and twisted the bird could hardly open them to get off the side of the cage. The feathers were in such bad condition his tail feathers were stuck together because he was unable to bathe. We immediately took him to a vet had him checked out, and had his nails and beak done. That once sad, neglected bird is now the beautiful bird you see here.

    We Love Mickey so much that we even got two budgies to play with him. They play together and Mickey shares his cage and food with his buddies, I have never seen anything like it. He is a very gentle bird, whistles and says his name and Pretty Boy. I can't wait 'til the morning each day to see him, and I kiss him good-night when I go to bed. Check out the lovely picture of him with his bright beautiful colors with his two buddies.

    He does not know how to play with toys, I will keep trying to stimulate him with new things to see what he likes. He is eating well, he likes seeds and lettuce, carrots, and grapes for treats just to mention a few. I hope you have enjoyed our story and we will always continue to love and care for him. We celebrate his life with happiness, and love, and look forward to many years ahead together.

Mickey, the Pet of the Day

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