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July 1, 2010

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Chi-chi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chi-chi
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Florida, USA
   Chi-chi is special to me because she is my very first chinchilla. She is super funny and I guess she has not read the chinchilla rule book. She is the complete opposite of everything I read about chinchillas. And when I have a hard day she is always there to sit in my lap and make me feel 100% better.

    She is very sociable. Whenever there are new people at the house that she has never met, she will meet them at the cage. If they place their hands in the cage she will jump into their hands to be taken out.

    She loves the be held and petted. During play time I watch her very carefully but she has never chewed on anything she isn't suppose to. She also stays away most of the day time. She sleeps during the night. All of this is the opposite of what my reading material said.

    Also, loud noises doesn't seem to bother her. In fact whenever the baby is crying or screaming she jumps to the top shelf to see him. If she is out of her cage and the baby screams she will go to his crib and check him out. She is super gentle with the kids. They constantly put their fingers in her cage to pet her. She will either give kisses or turn so they can pet her back. My friend has five chinchillas and she is nothing like any of them. She is my first but she is so awesome. I guess we got pick of the litter!

Chi-chi, the Pet of the Day
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Chi-chi, the Pet of the Day
Chi-chi, the Pet of the Day

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