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January 19, 2010

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Mugsy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mugsy
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Short Hair Guinea Pig
Home: Livingston, New Jersey, USA
   My fiancee and I bought Mugsy and his friend Skippy about a year ago. About four to five days after we got them home and all set up, we started to notice they were extremely lethargic and sneezing a lot. We ended up taking them to the vet and were told that they had severe, almost fatal pneumonia. After a rigorous treatment of antibiotics and Vitamin C, here he is, 110% healthy, with Skippy on the right.

    Both boys love their new home! They both have their own little quirks, but they do share some similarities. Mugsy's favorite foods include blueberries, parsley, basil, tomatoes and dandelion greens. All we have to say is "Good Morning" or "Who's hungry?" and we are greeted with very loud and enthusiastic squeaks and what we call "bronco kicks." Mugsy will do laps in their cage, kicking out his back legs and kicking out all their bedding in the process while waiting for food. He can be very insistent, and gets his friend going as well. It's quite a noise.

    Mugsy is a regular domestic brown, white and black American short hair. He loves to be held and will curl up on your stomach or in the crook of your arm and sleep for as long as you can stay still. We love our little Mugsy (and Skippy) to death and we're so glad he made it through that almost deadly ordeal!

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