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January 16, 2010

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Ziggy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ziggy
Age: Sixteen months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinese Water Dragon
Home: Canada
   Ziggy is sixteen months old and he is Chinese Water Dragon (a kind of Lizard) who lives with me in Canada. Ziggy is special because he is a great pet. He is missing a part of his tail, because he was sick when I purchased him from a pet store. It took him almost two months of medications to get better. He's very brave. He chased the cat once out of the living room, even though it is huge compared to him. Ziggy was curious about the snow globe at Christmas, and pressed his nose right to the glass! Ziggy always knows if you're happy or if you're sad. He knows just how to make you feel better when you are sad. He is the greatest pet ever!!! I love You Ziggy!

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