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February 3, 2010

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Dasha, the Pet of the Day
Name: Dasha
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ferret
Home: Lekkerkerk, the Netherlands
   This is Dasha, my pet ferret. She lives in a large pen in the backyard, together with my ten other ferrets. Koadha, her "mate", and her kids Doro, Soma, Zandelle, Luca, Pluk, Ronja, Camelot, Icorel and Fevia. They all seem to have a great time, and are often playing and chasing each other around, just for fun. In the wintertime, we move the pen inside the building so they stay warm, of course, but they like being outside in the nice weather with all the sounds and scents. As a good little Dutch girl, Dasha loves her orange bed, as you can see.

    Dasha is very special to me. I take her for a walk every day, she walks besides me (with an eighteen foot leash attached) like a dog. Our neighborhood people have grown accustomed to this sight, but visitors are always surprised. When something scares her she climbs on to my shoulder and waits 'til I tell her "everything is fine." Last summer one day, Dasha and I even went to the beach for a swim. I walked into the water and she followed me, swam a couple of circles around me and then returned to shore. I never thought she would like to swim, but she did it very well! That was so cute!

   Dasha is so sweet and I love her to death.

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