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December 13, 2010

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Norman, the Pet of the Day
Name: Norman
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Albino Guinea Pig
Home: Pequannock, New Jersey, USA
   Hi, This is Norman. I was in the pet store about eight to nine weeks ago and saw this albino guinea pig along with another multi colored one. I felt that someone would buy the other one and leave the albino there. Another two weeks went by and I was right. The albino was all alone. When I saw him he was huddled into a corner and wouldn't even turn around. I was upset because I didn't think he was healthy but we left the store and my husband kept telling me to take him home and I refused. I've had and lost many other critters (guinea pigs, rabbits, hamsters) and have one pig left.

    That evening I kept thinking about the poor guy and the next afternoon, we went back to the pet store and bought him. He was crooked and off balance, there was definitely something wrong with him but I didn't care. I knew if we took him home he'd get the best care, even if he only lived another week, at least he would be with me if something happened to him. We have him for five weeks now.

    The following day I took him to the vet and he was very under nourished, he wasn't eating enough and only weighed a pound. The vet gave him an IV and re-hydrated him and I give him a special vitamin C everyday with a syringe and now he is eating, although it takes him a while. He has a hard time getting around and walks into things, like his pigloo or his water bottle, but the vet said he is not blind. He may have a neurological disorder but he is functional. He needs to have his teeth looked at and then possibly filed down because they are a little overgrown, hence causing him a lengthy amount of time to eat. Some people do not know that guinea pigs teeth grow continually, so they need things to gnaw on to wear them down.

    I am taking him back to the vet next week and we'll see what's best for him. He is so special because he is such a happy little pig. Even though he has his problems, he is just happy to be alive and here with us. We love him and I hope he gets to have many happy years here.

Norman, the Pet of the Day
Norman, the Pet of the Day

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