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December 11, 2010

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Hera, Vesta, and Calypso, the Pet of the Day
Name: Hera, Vesta,
and Calypso
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: American short-hair
Guinea Pigs
Home: Palatine, Illinois, USA
   Hi there! Here are my three guinea pigs - Hera, Vesta, and Calypso. I adopted them in December 2007 from the Critter Corral, a guinea-pig rescue in Illinois. We also have a seventeen-pound cat who is somewhat terrified of the guinea pigs. Hera, Vesta, and Calypso are triplet sisters, and are 2.5 years old. Two of them (Hera and Calypso) have crests on their heads. They are very talkative girls, and when I come home from work, it's as if they are trying to tell me all about their adventures during the day! My girls are special because they show that wonderful, friendly pets can be found at shelters. My girls love to be held, and typically curl up like little "c's" in my lap while stretching their back paws out like flying super-pigs. We have a large, collapsible indoor playpen (with high sides designed for rabbits), under which we put a shower-curtain and liner, and the pigs love, love, love to do figure eights and jumps in this pen. We also place empty cardboard tubes (from my dad's office) inside the playpen, and the girls zip in and around them at warp speed.

    Like all guinea pigs, Hera, Vesta, and Calypso adore lettuce. I bought a few huge heads of lettuce recently at a farmers' market, and was inspired to take these photos of my three girls placed in, on, and among the lettuce leaves. They were very happy - happy enough to hold still so I could get their pictures!

    Hera, Vesta, and Calypso celebrated their 4th birthday on November 1st, 2010. Each has a unique personality, despite all being sisters. Hera is our cuddley-pig who loves human attention; she stands on her hind legs near her cage door and waits patiently to be picked up. Vesta is our gentle giant and a sweetheart; the largest of the three sisters (she weighs 2.75 pounds but our vet assured us she is just big-boned, not obese) and the most timid. Calypso is our feistiest piggy, but she'll stretch out on our laps 'til almost boneless with her eyes blissfully closed. All three girls have enjoyed fairly good health, although our pet insurance easily pays for itself (for all three piggies) each year.

    When not in their cages (we house them separately because they squabble in close quarters), our girls adore running around in the giant playpen my husband built for them in our living room. The amount of square footage allows Hera, Calypso, and Vesta to jump, sprint, sprawl, and snooze with enough personal space that they rarely bicker. They also enjoy chewing empty oatmeal tubes and empty toilet paper rolls.

Hera, Vesta, and Calypso, the Pet of the Day

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