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December 6, 2010

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Chee Chee, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chee Chee
Age: Six months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Chinchilla
Home: Connecticut, USA
   Chee Chee is now six months, though he was six weeks old in the pictures. He will hop on your hand and give you a kiss in hopes of getting an extra treat or two.

    Chee Chee is full of energy. I took him in when he was just four weeks old. He was unable to go back to his mother ( he was still nursing!) so I had to take matters into my own hands. I contacted a local chinchilla rescue, they were a huge help to me. They told me to put soft and fuzzy toys in his cage to remind his of the comfort of his mother. The next day I put a fuzzy gray sock in his cage, sure enough he snuggled with it every day for the next few weeks. I was also informed that since I got Chee Chee at such a young age, he now thought that I was his mother. He has a stronger bond with me then anyone else he has met so far in his lifetime, and when I walk by his cage he won't let me walk away until I give him a nice scratch behind the ears. If I try to walk by, Chee Chee will start jumping around and squeaking until I stop and say hello. He is extremely affectionate and loves being pet. Chee Chee's favorite food is raisins and banana chips for treats.

    He is so sweet and loves to run around. He mostly runs around in my bathrooms because chinchillas have to be watched very closely while running loose. They can slip into the smallest of places! I actually have to cover the baseboards of the bathroom with blankets and towels to make sure he doesn't run underneath them. He loves attention even from my other pets! Oddly enough when Babe, my cat, goes up to Chee Chee's cage they sniff noses and love each others company! Chee Chee even gets along with my 90-pound dog! I thought he would be frightened by my other pets but he adores them. Chee Chee also has a ferret hammock in his cage, I didn't think he'd ever use it but he sleeps in it daily! He sleeps on his back with his belly facing up and falls asleep for hours on his hammock, just like a human would. Here is a picture of him now, he has tripled in size!

Chee Chee, the Pet of the Day
Chee Chee, the Pet of the Day

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