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December 2, 2010

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Bernard, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bernard
Age: Twenty months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Giant Rabbit
Home: England
   Hello, my rabbit is called Bernard and he is around twenty months old, his bread is a giant rabbit and we come from England. He's got big fluffy ears, loves to eat bananas and pears, and is cuddly. He loves a ride in the wheelbarrow, it's so funny! He just sits there and looks around. He used to escape from our back garden and go into our neighbor's allotment and eat his vegetables.

    Bernard's weight is fifteen pounds, and his height is 24 inches when he stands on his back legs, and we don't count his ears! I'm not sure about his exact breed, all I know is that he is a giant rabbit. He loves to be held. Sometimes we hold him like a baby, and he loves the comfort of you stroking him. He is very loving when you stroke him, he just lays down and he likes his white fluffy belly to be stroked.

    We bought him from a breeder and his mum was cream/beige and his dad was black. Even though Bernard is a big softie, sometimes he can be in a bad mood and get territorial, once my mum was hanging the washing out in the back garden and he grunted at her.

    He has this spot in the garden by a small bush he likes, so my brother made him a shelter out of leaves and twigs there once and when it was time to bring him in, he wouldn't come out! Last summer my mum planted some flowers and he ate the giant daisies, and dug up the rest!

    My garage is on a slope and there is a hut sort of thing underneath the garage and that's where he sleeps. It sounds really cold, but it's really cozy. We have a big heap of hay/straw that he has made a burrow in, and there is a shelf in there, too. We use it to put his food pellets on, and once he knocked off his food and ate them all but thankfully there was not much left, so he didn't get sick! We love Bernard, all fifteen pounds of him!

Bernard, the Pet of the Day
Bernard, the Pet of the Day

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