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Winston the Standard Chinchilla Winston
Standard Chinchilla
Tweed, Ontario, Canada
December 01, 2010

Bernard the Giant Rabbit Bernard
Giant Rabbit
December 02, 2010

Aladar the African Grey Parrot Aladar
African Grey Parrot
Athol, Massachusetts, USA
December 03, 2010

Boomer the Amazon Red Head Boomer
Amazon Red Head
Union Springs, New York, USA
December 04, 2010

Sooty the Abyssinian Guinea Pig Sooty
Abyssinian Guinea Pig
December 05, 2010

Chee Chee the Chinchilla Chee Chee
Connecticut, USA
December 06, 2010

Chilee Bean the Black Hooded Rat Chilee Bean
Black Hooded Rat
Minnesota, USA
December 07, 2010

Abby the Dwarf Rabbit Abby
Dwarf Rabbit
North Carolina, USA
December 08, 2010

Peanut the Hamster Peanut
Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA
December 09, 2010

Claudia, Maxis the Lovebirds Claudia, Maxis
Shanghai, China
December 10, 2010

"Hera, Vesta, Calypso
Guinea Pigs
Palatine, Illinois, USA
December 11, 2010

Jamie the Lionhead mix Jamie
Lionhead mix
December 12, 2010

Norman the Albino Guinea Pig Norman
Albino Guinea Pig
Pequannock, New Jersey, USA
December 13, 2010

Kiwi the Quaker Parrot Kiwi
Quaker Parrot
New York, New York, USA
December 14, 2010

Alonso the Horse Alonso
December 15, 2010

Draco the Friesian, Morgan Draco
Friesian, Morgan
Minnesota, USA
December 16, 2010

Reno the Greenwing Macaw Reno
Greenwing Macaw
Jacksonville, Florida, USA
December 17, 2010

Vinny the Teddy Bear Hamster Vinny
Teddy Bear Hamster
Massachusetts, USA
December 18, 2010

Biscuit the Rabbit Biscuit
New Jersey, USA
December 19, 2010

Pepper Oni the Green Anole Lizard Pepper Oni
Green Anole Lizard
Texas, USA
December 20, 2010

Honey the Long haired Hamster Honey
Long haired Hamster
December 21, 2010

Daisy Moo the Lamancha Cross Goat Daisy Moo
Lamancha Cross Goat
Flippin, Arkansas, USA
December 22, 2010

Ruby the Eclectus Parrot Ruby
Eclectus Parrot
Culver City, California, USA
December 23, 2010

Buddy the Guinea Pig Buddy
Guinea Pig
Virginia, USA
December 24, 2010

Minnie, Pearl the Rabbits Minnie, Pearl
Hazel Green, Alabama, USA
December 25, 2010

Maizy the African Pygmy Hedgehog Maizy
African Pygmy Hedgehog
Beach Park, Illinois, USA
December 26, 2010

Jambert, JJ the African Grey, Indian ringneck Jambert, JJ
African Grey, Indian ringneck
South Africa
December 27, 2010

Biscuit, Marshmello the Guinea Pigs Biscuit, Marshmello
Guinea Pigs
San Diego, California, USA
December 28, 2010

Franky the Jackson's Chameleon Franky
Jackson's Chameleon
Kaimuki, Hawaii, USA
December 29, 2010

Nemo the Dwarf Hotot Rabbit Nemo
Dwarf Hotot Rabbit
Thurston County, Washington, USA
December 30, 2010

Smoky the French Lop rabbit Smoky
French Lop rabbit
Essex, England, UK
December 31, 2010

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