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August 31, 2010

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Squirtle, the Pet of the Day
Name: Squirtle
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Mud Turtle
Home: Lahore, Pakistan
   Hello, everybody! This is my cute pet mud turtle, Squirtle. He is really sweet. He loves swimming in the Squirtle Pond (that's his muddy home). He loves to hide and looks really cute when he is digging and scratching mud to hide and cool off. When I let him out in the grass he loves to hide in the plants. Even though he has a deformed leg, it still doesn't slow his speed. He is very fast at running. I don't think any turtle is slow. That is just folklore, I'd say.

    Squirtle is a very special turtle because he isn't afraid of people. He gets to know them very quickly. He isn't afraid of me at all now Thank God! He has beautiful pearl colored eyes. His weird thing is that he rarely ever takes his tail out. He usually sleeps all day. He loves to doze off when he goes in Squirtle Pond.

    Once, he was playing with a dove. I left him in the garden and started weeding the grass. I looked around to check on Squirtle. I saw a dove staring at him. Squirtle was looking at it too. I started watching the little play. I saw: First Squirtle walked to the plants little by little and the dove followed him. Later Squirtle hid in the plants and the dove walked here and there looking for Squirtle. A little sparrow came and started helping the dove find Squirtle. Sadly both of them were unable to find him - he hid really well. They all looked so cute.

    In one of the pictures Squirtle's deformed foot can be seen. And in another one in which he is with the glass window, he was actually cleaning the window because there was some dirt on it. He was cleaning it and having quite a fun time. He is a special turtle.

Squirtle, the Pet of the Day
Squirtle, the Pet of the Day

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