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August 18, 2010

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Marquis, the Pet of the Day
Name: Marquis
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Quarter horse
Home: St-Eustache, Québec, Canada
   This is my Quarter horse, and his name is Marquis. He was given to me seven years ago by a woman who no longer could take care of him. It turns out that he really was a gift from the angels! He is a very good boy. He has helped me through a lot of difficult times. Just being with him gives me strength and courage to get through anything. He doesn' mind the snow, and love trail rides, and attention, so he does his "bow" to impress any visitors.

    What more can I say, he's the best. The only thing is that he's getting old he's 24 years old, and I wish I could stop time. I hope to keep him around for a long long time. He doesn't look his age, either.

    He is injured right now so I can not ride him. last month, he stretched a ligament on the back right leg. But I visit with him to keep his spirits up, and take care of him, he's just so special, and such a good friend, I will give him all the time he needs to get well.

    Marquis does a trick, you can ask him to lift his front right or left leg just like a dog, no treat needed, he does it on command. He comes to me when I call him, even if he is with a bunch of friends in the field.

    He likes to be free, I can let him go outside with no supervision, he will go around the property as he wishes, and also in and out of he barn. Marquis is gentle, I sometimes show people how gentle he can be by giving him a carrot with my mouth and he won't bite or even hurt me one bit.

   I love you, Marquis, you're my big boy!

Marquis, the Pet of the Day
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Marquis, the Pet of the Day
Marquis, the Pet of the Day
Marquis, the Pet of the Day

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