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August 17, 2010

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Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sweetpepper
Age: Seven and a half years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Senegal Parrot
Home: Joliet, Illinois, USA
   Sweetpepper chose me to be her owner. We met at a local birdfair. I was there to purchase some food and toys for my two cockatiels. I had been researching bigger birds that I would love to have and I had decided that a Senegal was the best choice. It was fate that brought us together that day. Sweetpepper jumped on me and let me rub her back, her tummy and she laid on her back in my arms. The breeder said that I was the first and only person that Sweetpepper would let me hold or touch. She also happened to live close by which was great.

    I told her that I had to talk with my dad first as we already had two birds at home so i said I would call her that night. I was hoping that she wouldn't sell her. Well I got home and told my dad all about this beautiful five months old senegal and how she let me play with her. He said yes so I called and she wasn't sold so I made arrangements to go and get her. The best thing was that her breeder also birdsits. So I have someone to take my birds to when I go on vacation.

    Sweetpepper is very affectionate but does have times she wants to play on her own or nap. She is very active and loves to attack her toys. She has done some reconstruction work on her playgym. Sweetpepper is very cuddly at night, she cuddles up under my neck when we watch tv at night in my room. That is our special time. Her favorite word to yell is "baby" and she says it in many different tones. She also says "bye bye" when you are leaving in a very pathetic tone. She isn't a big talker but I didn't get a bird to talk, that was just an added bonus. Sweetpepper and my cockatiel Kacey do not get along, so they are kept separate. Sweetpepper's best friend was my 'tiel Digger who died in june of 2005. She mourned his loss for a very long time. Sweetpepper ends her day by having a piece of millet one hour before bedtime. It's been a wonderful seven and a half years with my baby girl. I am glad that she chose me to be her forever mom.

Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
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Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day
Sweetpepper, the Pet of the Day

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