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August 15, 2010

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Sherman, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sherman
Age: Deceased, Eight years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Flemish Giant
Home: Texas, USA
   We adopted "Sherman Tank" from The House Rabbit Resource Network (HRRN) in Austin, TX. He's huge compared to other bunnies we have. He weighed about sixteen pounds when he was healthy. He was a Flemish Giant and such a delightful guy with the personality of a big, lovable oaf.

    Since he was such a load to carry around, sixteen pounds when he was healthy, I built him his own Sherman Tank to ride in. He soon became the "spokesbun" for the House Rabbit Resource Network and made appearances at community events promoting rabbit adoption. He also visited a nursing home on Memorial Day and Veterans Day. The residents thought he was great and their faces would really light up when he came rolling in the door. One precious gal asked me, "What kind of a dog is that?" I couldn't help but laugh and the look on her face told me that she still wasn't sure Sherman was a real, live rabbit.

    He was really sweet, housebroken and got along with our two dogs famously. When he'd be in the living room, he'd stretch out and watch TV or join me or my husband on the couch for a head petting session and a nap.

    We didn't know anything about house rabbits until we got him and now we have five! They really make great companions if you read up on their care and spend quality time with them... once they're neutered or spayed. Otherwise, they're pretty unruly.

    Sherman lived until the age of eight, the giant breeds don't live as long as some of the smaller breeds of rabbits. But he was our first house rabbit, and we will always remember our "Sherman Tank."

Sherman, the Pet of the Day
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Sherman, the Pet of the Day
Sherman, the Pet of the Day

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