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August 13, 2010

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Sunshine, the Pet of the Day
Name: Sunshine
Age: Twelve weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Lutino Parakeet
Home: Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA
   Sunshine is my Lutino Parakeet. My parakeet should be honored because she is very sweet and talented. She swings around her perch and splashes around in her little bath. She is my youngest 'keet and she is very beautiful!

    My beautiful Sunshine is super affectionate, and athletic, too. She loves to climb on her rope, hang upside down on the blinds, and do somersaults around her perch. She has a soft sound to her vocalizing and is on the quiet side. She is very strong and loves water! She always dives into the water dish or bath at any opportunity. She's great!

Sunshine, the Pet of the Day
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Sunshine, the Pet of the Day
Sunshine, the Pet of the Day

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