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August 1, 2010

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Chi-Chi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Chi-Chi
Age: Seven years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Sun Conure
Home: Redford, Michigan, USA
   Hi! My name is Chi-Chi, and I am a blissful Sun Conure. My favorite thing to do is to call out (scream) to my owners to get their attention every minute of the day. I share my home with Hemi (a big dog), Oscar (Blue Fronted Amazon) and Satyr (cat) - but I rule the house. When I take a break from screaming for attention, I like to cuddle in my bird buddy (that's a bird tent). I am very attached to one person even though there are two people in my household.

    I freak-out when I see a broom, a vacuum cleaner, paper towels or a feather duster. Even though I like a clean house and cage, I have to scream at these items to make it clear to my owners that I do not like these things. I do not talk, but I can blow kisses. I also enjoy taking baths in the sink or the shower. I have trained myself not to poop on my owners. My favorite treats are oranges, pine nuts and peanuts. My owners try to sneak in vegetables in my treats, but I throw them in the bottom of my cage. My other favorite activity is to cuddle with my owners in their fleece blanket. I get so cozy and warm, and sometimes I take a nap nestled in the blanket. I have adopted my owners as part of my flock. We have become very dependent on each other and I don't know what I would do without them.

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