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April 23, 2010

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Thelma, Louise, the Pet of the Day
Name: Thelma, Louise
Age: Four years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Fainting Goats
Home: Michigan, USA
   Thelma and Louise are my twin fainting goats. They are now four years old. I rescued them from an auction in Ohio when they were only a few days old. They were very sick and needed a lot of care for their first two months. Because it was still winter, they lived in the house with our family until they grew stronger and the weather warmed up.

    They were bottle fed until they were about three months old. By that time they were eating hay and grain and were strong enough to live outside in the barn. They are inseparable, although from time to time they butt heads and argue over which blade of hay who will eat.

    They are fainting goats also known as stiff-legged goats because they have a myotonic gene which causes their bodies to stiffen up and sometimes fall over as if they are fainting when they are startled. They don't actually faint, though. They are completely conscious, but stiffen up for several seconds.

    I call Thelma and Louise my special needs goats because they really can't run or jump like other goats can. Sometimes this is a good thing because goats have been known to jump up on cars and do some damage!

    Their best buddy is Raja the cow. If you have the room, I highly recommend a goat or two as pets. In their own way they are loving and affectionate and appreciate the attention you give them. But since they always have each other, they are quite content just hangin' around together without a care in the world!

Thelma, Louise, the Pet of the Day

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