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April 18, 2010

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Bruno, the Pet of the Day
Name: Bruno
Age: Deceased, Five years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Thuringia, Germany
   I have a guinea pig and his name is Bruno. He is five years old but very sweet. His friends are the rabbit Felix and another guinea pig named Max. His home is in Thuringia in Germany and also in Rudolstadt when we are there. There he has a beautiful meadow with a hutch in our garden. In the hutch is a little house so he can go in it. His favourite food are carrots, apples, salad, bread and water too. The enemy is a big birds, he does not like the noise they make.

    My family and me can take Bruno with us in the holidays. My guinea pig can run fast too. But Bruno is not dangerous. He is a very good pet. Outside we play together and make a mess. I like my pet Bruno because he is sweet, can run fast, was good and very happy. It is very sad because my best pet in the world has died. That's why I am writing this now, and I will always remember him as my best friend.

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