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April 14, 2010

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Tortellini, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tortellini
Age: Eight years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Desert Tortoise
Home: Utah, USA
   This is our Torty, or, her full name, Tortellini. She came to us after her previous owner decided she needed more attention than they could give. She came from California and was actually hatched by a Wildlife Officer, he then gave her to his neighbor. They named her Tortellini because she was as small as the pasta... how cute. We got her when she was five and now she is eight years old and growing! She hibernates during the winter months. When it is warm enough she stays out in our fenced-in yard and enjoys her den that she dug herself. We have many native plants in our yard and she really loves these, her favorite being Evening Primrose. Of course dandelions, pea pods, romaine lettuce, and apples are good too.

    She is a wonderful little creature and likes being petted under her chin. She recognizes us and knows when she is being called for. She is relaxing to watch and very perceptive. She can be put down anywhere in the yard and know exactly where her den is. She spends most of her time here, lazing in the sun. We love our little Torty, she is cute and we love her smile.

    Torty is about 7" long by x 5 1/2" now, and she has come out of hibernation for the season, even though we still have snow in some parts of the yard. We go looking for dandelions to get her a taste of spring and when she isn't in her terrarium with her box, she gets to "run" around the house until warmer weather comes.

Tortellini, the Pet of the Day
Tortellini, the Pet of the Day

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