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April 10, 2010

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Jonas II, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jonas II
Age: Four months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian dwarf hamster
Home: Fallbrook, California, USA
   This is my hamster Jonas II. He is a winter white Russian dwarf hamster and he is four months old. He is named after my original hamster Jonas. My original Jonas was sick and passed away and I was heartbroken. I went to the same Petsmart I bought my first Jonas from and this new little guy was in the same cage! It was meant to be that I have this new hamster Jonas II. He is special to me because he is a sweetheart and from day one he has helped my broken heart heal from losing my first Jonas. I call him a snowball because he is pure white. He is my best friend. Jonas II's favorite foods are yogis, sunflower seed, and banana.

    A while ago Jonas broke his foot from climbing on his wire cage and it got stuck. It was so scary and I am so glad that I heard him crying and rescued him. Even though it was broken and has healed a little crooked it doesn't slow him down.

    He is a brave hamster and now lives in a big glass aquarium. NO more wire cages. They are too dangerous for dwarf hamsters. Jonas is so smart that he is potty trained. I bought him a hamster potty and he learned how to do it all by himself. Every day he goes crazy to get his yogi out of my hand. I wanted to honor Jonas II because he is my buddy and he really helped me get over the loss of my first hamster Jonas.

Jonas II, the Pet of the Day

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