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April 6, 2010

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William T., the Pet of the Day
Name: William T.
Age: Seven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Donkey
Home: Chesapeake, Virginia, USA
   William T. was born here at the farm. He is spoiled rotten and loves to play as seen in the photo. Each day William T. makes me laugh with something he comes up with or something he gets into. There is never a dull moment if William T. is involved. If we have visitors at the farm, William puts on a show that makes everyone laugh.

    Some of the pictures of William T. include his mom Pheona. We have a farm and so William T and his mom also see horses, goats, pot belly pig, chickens, geese, dogs, cats etc., and he just loves every body, especially if they pay some attention to him! What a great personality this little guy has, we love our special little donkey boy!

William T., the Pet of the Day
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William T., the Pet of the Day
William T., the Pet of the Day

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