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April 5, 2010

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Harry, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harry
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Bearded Dragon
Home: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
   This is my pet Bearded Dragon, her name is Harry... She is almost a year old now!

    As you can see she is stretched out in a most regal pose, however she seems to be piercing the camera with a most indignant and disdainful stare... This haughty lizard holds a most special place in my heart, she deserves to be the Pet of the Day!

    As for her name, Yes named him before I knew her gender! As they age it becomes pretty easy to tell actually, first off the males will have a series of waxy pores called "femoral pores" that grow in a line down each rear thigh. Also males will have two bulges just behind the cloaca on the fattest part of their tail, these are the hemipenes, females will lack these two bulges, another good indicater is that males will get very black beards for part of the year during mating season. She was too young to tell when we got her, and her name stuck!

    As you can see from her plump belly she enjoys to ravenously devour delicious silk worms, crickets, and lobster roaches! And if she is in an especially good mood I might be able to convince her to eat some of her mixed leafy greens...

    Her likes and dislikes are as follows:

    Likes: Obedient caretakers (me), a warm rock under a bright heat lamp, prompt poop removal, bugs, and a luke warm bath at least once a week...

    Dislikes: The cold, late meals, early mornings, leafy greens (what a pain! she is really spoiled) even though she should eat them because they are good for her!

Harry, the Pet of the Day

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