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September 29, 2009

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Burton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Burton
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black hooded rat
Home: Jaworzno, Poland
   I have four rats, all males. The oldest, Burton, was born in 2007, on December 10. He came to me from a city which is 30 kilometers away from my city. Burton is good-tempered and a lovable rat. He has standard fur and ears, black eyes, black color and his mark is hooded. His weight is 470g, he is not a big rat, he is slim and long. We live in Jaworzno - it's small city in Silesia, near Katowice and Kraków.

    He loves people and another rats. He loves to sleep, eat fruit and juices and run in my flat. He loves to sleep in my bag, between my books. When he find a cap from bottle, a he collects it, he has quite a collection.

    He is so lovely and such a cute rat. I am never afraid of him because he is polite and he doesn't like to destroy things. When I call "Burton," he comes to me and gives me kisses. He loves it when I am scratching him on his belly. He like sleep a lot, sleeping and eating are his favorite things. He is a rat who likes being between people. He like sitting on their knees and listening to what people are saying to him.

    I know, in some places, there are good ratteries, with rats with lineages tracked and recorded. In our country, people don't know about such ratteries. This year, in a bigger city, we are organising a ratty expo with window displays, and an exhibition, and the rats will get awards. During this show, we teach another people about ratteries, about rats, rat behaviour, rat cages, etc.

    In pet shops here, animals are often sick, wrongly treated and live in bad, abject conditions. We want to cause these shops to disappear and have people buy animals only from good breeders with lineages or adopting. It is long and hard fight, but we will not stop, until we will win.

Burton, the Pet of the Day
Burton, the Pet of the Day

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