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September 24, 2009

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Harry-bear, the Pet of the Day
Name: Harry-bear
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Fuzzylop Rabbit
Home: Wenatchee, Washington, USA
   My name is Harry-bear. I am a special rabbit because I came with special breeding papers. I am a pedigree type used for Showing. I am a special color, white and chestnut. The Breeders work hard to create my color, it's rare. I am very affectionate. I kiss my Mommy's face and like to be held for long periods. I have a special place in the house where I hide - it's under the couch. I also have a special chair in the house where I sit and watch TV with my Mommy. I usually sit on her lap, though. I was boxed trained the first day I came home with my Mommy.

    I am so smart. When Mommy calls me to get in my pen, I do. I am so spoiled. I have a big 10 x 10 kennel as well as an outdoor play area on the grass for hot summer days. I get to run around freely in the yard, as well as inside the house. I am a good boy! I have two friends, they are bunnies, too, but not show bunnies like me. My favorite treat is cranberries and cherries. I love all fruit and veggies. I get fed fresh stuff only. My fur is incredible - so soft and snugly. I am so loved and taken care of. I like it when Mommy grooms me, too. She never lets me be dirty.

Harry-bear, the Pet of the Day
Harry-bear, the Pet of the Day

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