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September 23, 2009

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Jazz, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jazz
Age: Three years old
Gender: Female
Kind: African Grey Parrot
Home: Oldsmar, Florida, USA
   My name is Jazz and my Mom says I'm a very chatty little girl. I guess I just have a lot to say. I love to go for shoulder rides and take any opportunity to steal jewelry or glasses from the unsuspecting person. I have a missing toe but Mom says that just makes me special and easy to identify when there are other Greys around. We don't know what happened, I just came that way and what I lack in toes, I make up in personality.

    I love to hang upside down like a bat and try to climb on anything within my reach. I am potty trained to go to the big people potty or on command. I don't want to get my cage dirty and I will let you know when I am up in the morning and ready to make the trip. I like to make my police siren imitation on the way to the potty that makes my Mom walk faster. After I go potty, I make a sound - whew to let her know that I'm done. I'm very smart and a bit of a prankster - one of my favorite things to do is bite someone, look up at them say ouch quite loudly and then say 'Bad Birdie.' I used to listen to the radio all day until I surprised everyone with that obnoxious emergency broadcast sound. That one didn't go over well. I imitate the phone so my family gets exercise running for it.

    I have a very healthy appetite and sometimes my parents refer to me as a little tank and then mention the name Jenny Craig - who's that? I have two brothers; Max is a three-year-old Eclectus and my new brother Oscar who looks like Baby Huey is a one year old Blue Hyacinth Macaw and that boy has some seriously big feet. I have no problem stealing food right out of their beaks because I am a gutsy little girl who has to keep up her strength. I keep trying to show everyone that I'm the alpha bird here, but sometimes they just don't believe me.

Jazz, the Pet of the Day
Jazz, the Pet of the Day

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