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September 20, 2009

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Kenco, the Pet of the Day
Name: Kenco
Age: Deceased, One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Syrian hamster
Home: Wiltshire, England
   I got Kenco when I lost my previous hamster Whisk. From the very first moment I saw his dear little face, I knew he had to be mine, and even though I reserved him (he was too young to leave mum when I met him!) I panicked every day, thinking that they might forget he was reserved and sell him to somebody else!

    Anyway, it turned out fine (they didn't sell him to anyone else, thank goodness!) and I did get my special little baby Kenco. He was always a shy little boy, not much of a cuddler, but I loved him all the same. He was great fun to watch and was such a character, especially when it came to eating fruit sticks. He would cling onto them, and climb up them until his tiny little paws were no longer on the floor of his cage, trying to get to the highest bit, to make sure he got all the food!

    He used to chew everything! Which was funny but quite annoying at the same time. You would try to sleep and all you could hear was him nibbling away at something! One day I heard him chewing something and it didn't sound like anything he had nibbled at before ... I went to have a look and he had bitten a hole through the plastic base of his cage! It was quite a shock to look down and see my bedroom wall on the other side!

    Then one day I noticed a bit of fur missing from his face, we soon took him to the vet, who said it was mites and started to give him drops on his back once a week to kill them. Sadly though, the drops weren't working. I thought they would be able to do something else, but they couldn't. I didn't want him to suffer anymore, especially as it was clear he was never going to get better (his breathing started to get heavy, and he wasn't well at all), so I had him put to sleep. He didn't make it to his first "gotcha day" but it would have been September 19th.

    So wherever you are now sweet Kenco, just know that I love you and miss you a lot. Thanks for everything sweet baby.

Kenco, the Pet of the Day

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