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September 19, 2009

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Snappy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snappy
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Frog
Home: Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA
   This is Snappy, who is a tad more than a tadpole in age.

    A frog's life for me! I arrived in my pond on the back of a passing turtle, one of a thousand in a string o' eggs. Soon I was a tadpole, very fish-like among my brothers and sisters. And now? I'm Cap'n Snappy, Ruler of all I survey. To all frogs who wish to join my crew, welcome aboard!

    My days are spent keepin' a weather eye out for the koi and goldfish who sail with me. My crow's nest is the weathered pot you see me perched on here. There's a pirate and his wife who oversee my pond. You could say I handle the crew whilst they tend the dangerous and mighty water that surrounds us.

    'Tis a busy life I have. Sunning in the day from my lookout, swimming in the water with my crew, singing at night to tempt the froggy wenches to share a bug or two with me.

    I've dropped my anchor in this harbor for the summer. Those wishing to know me must sail their ships 'cross the stormy seas to my froggy port o' call. Yo ho to all who venture this way! Now, bring me that horizon.

Snappy, the Pet of the Day
Snappy, the Pet of the Day

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