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September 17, 2009

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Yve, the Pet of the Day
Name: Yve
Age: 22 months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Russian Campbell Dwarf Hamster
Home: Ontario, Canada
   I got Yve from a pet store on a whim, he reminded me so much of a previous hamster that I couldn't pass him up. His name is pronounced as 'Eve,' it is a French name. Yve came to me with his brother, Nol, a few days before Christmas, so Christmas-themed names seemed to fit quite nicely. Yve was friendly and ready to be held as soon as he came home. He was happy to leave the cramped pet store in favor of his big 20-gallon long aquarium. Yve and his brother have lived together the entire time and they never fight. They love to play tag and hide and seek. Yve's favorite toy besides his wheel is the teeter-totter. He runs back and forth in it for hours.

    Yve also loves to cuddle in my hands and groom my fingers. Dwarf hamsters have a bad reputation for biting, the employee at the pet store even advised me not to get him and his brother. The truth is that dwarf's don't like being in small cages, it makes them nervous and territorial so they tend to bite. When they are in a decent sized cage they make really great pets. Yve is nearly two years old and despite having diabetes he still loves to run, play and eat.

Yve, the Pet of the Day

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