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September 15, 2009

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Snoots, the Pet of the Day
Name: Snoots
Age: Five years old
Gender: Female
Kind: Cottontail, Rex mix
Home: Wenatchee, Washington, USA
   My name is Snoots. I am a special rabbit because I was rescued from the Rocky Reach Damn park when I was three weeks old. The Humane Society and Chelan county provided us a place to live at this Rocky Reach Damn Park. People could visit us and feed us. Here's my story: This lady fed me some yummy veggies and as I ate out of her hand, she picked me up, then put my down her shirt, holding me close to her heart. I was thinking, is this my new Mommy? I was calm and felt her love. She carried me to her car then took me to Walmart to buy a cage. It was so good to be out of that park, I was starving and cold. The store manager at Walmart, wasn't going to let me in, but my new Mommy convinced him to let me stay hidden in her shirt. I didn't want to stay in the car, I would have been frightened. After we left the store, she took me home in this new cage. But then, I got to live in the house for a couple months. I got to sleep on my Mommy's soft bed and hang out with her. I made my Mommy feel better, since her Mommy just passed away. I took her mind off the loss of her Mother. Later, Mommy got me a boyfriend. His name is Mario. I have a big outdoor kennel now where I live with my boyfriend. I have a great life. I get spoiled every day with hugs and get fed fresh veggies and fruit. My favorite treat is sunflower seeds and apples. I am the luckiest rabbit in the whole world to have been rescued. I wouldn't have lived this long if it wasn't for being rescued. My Mommy loves bunnies so much. I will continue to have a long and happy life.

Snoots, the Pet of the Day

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