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October 25, 2009

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Toffutti, the Pet of the Day
Name: Toffutti
Age: 24 years old
Gender: Male
Kind: White Eyed Conure
Home: Brooklyn, New York, USA
   Toffutti is our 24-year-old White Eyed Conure. Sadly 19 years ago he went through a phase when he started plucking his feathers and bit through his own chest. He was stitched up and never flew again, as you can see. We don't know why he did that, but we have to careful to keep him warm, as he doesn't have the feathers he would normally have.

    Despite his looks, Toffutti is a happy bird. He likes to play with his bells inside his cage and likes to sit on top of the cage and throw his balls or toys off the top of the cage. He is very affectionate towards my wife and very protective of her. If we are both by the cage, he will attack me to protect her. He has a limited vocabulary, he only says "Hello" and "Hello Toe." He loves to eat sunflower seeds and chews on toothpicks. He greets you a big HELLO when you come home. We love him!

Toffutti, the Pet of the Day

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