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October 12, 2009

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Mario, the Pet of the Day
Name: Mario
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Lionhead rabbit
Home: Wentachee, Washington, USA
   My name is Mario - full name Mario Andretti like the famous racecar driver. I got that name because I can run really fast and no one can catch me. I can make turns like a race car, sharp and fast! I am special because I look like a Lion. I also have a mane and a skirt. I would have been a champion show rabbit but my teeth grow too long, and too fast. I have to get them clipped every two months. Yet, I am so brave and tame when I have to the Breeders to get my teeth cut. I don't even cry. I live with three other friends. I have a pretty girlfriend. Her name is Lucy. We get to live in a big kennel and also get to come in the house. I am box litter trained. I am so smart. I run around in the yard and go back in my pen without being told. I know where it feels safe. I would never want to run away. I am loved so much. My favorite treat is a healthy cracker and romaine lettuce. The neighbor kids come to see me calling me the "lion bunny!"

Mario, the Pet of the Day

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