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October 9, 2009

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Jackie, Joey, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jackie, Joey
Age: One year old
Gender: Female, Male
Kind: Parrotlets
Home: Berlin, Maryland, USA
   Meet Jackie and Joey, our darling Parrotlets! Parrotlets are charming little birds with big personalities and these babies were no exception. We found them at the pet store where I had gotten my Betta fish a few months earlier. They were such personable little guys that we had to bring them home.

    They are voracious eaters and greedily dive into their food bowls every morning. When my husband sits at the computer nearby their cages, they have to fly over and check out what he's doing. One will perch on the monitor and the other will inspect the mouse.

    Of the two, Joey is the one most likely to "cuddle" with you. He is more laid back than Jackie; he will sit quietly in the palm of your hand and let you stroke him gently. Jackie is far more hyper and would rather play! She is the more gregarious of them. She love to "play ball" with a small plastic ball with a bell in it. If you put it on top of the cage, she will grab it with her beak, shake it like mad and then drop it off the edge of the cage for you to catch (or pick up from the floor!)

    This picture shows Jackie in the food dish enjoying her fruits! They are a joy to have and watch. They are less than a year old, so we have many more years to share with these gregarious little creatures! They are our little sweethearts!

Jackie, Joey, the Pet of the Day

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