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November 27, 2009

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Anton, the Pet of the Day
Name: Anton
Age: Twelve years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Welsh, Shetland Pony
Home: Saxony, Germany
   This is my pony Anton. He is male and he is a mix of Welsh-Pony and Shetland-Pony. Anton is twelve years old and lives in Saxony (Germany). His favorite food are apples. Anton is a funny pony and he has three friends, Lisa (black horse you see behind him), Daisy and Hexe (Shetland-Ponies). I got him on March 9th 2008.

    Anton likes to play chase - he likes to run and catch me. So he runs very fast across the meadow. I ride him an hour and we often jump over 60 centimeter high steeplechase jumps. He is a very quiet pony while I clean him, and does not fuss like many ponies do. Anton is an independent type and he is the boss of the meadow. He is a very special pony!

Anton, the Pet of the Day

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