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November 10, 2009

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Benny, the Pet of the Day
Name: Benny
Age: Eleven months old
Gender: Male
Kind: Netherland Dwarf rabbit
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
   Benny was born December 18th, 2008 but we got him on February 12th, 2009. We went to the pet store because my mom called and they said they had two Rex rabbits. (I had been looking everywhere for one.) But when we got there they only had one rabbit, and that was Benny. He was only two months old and was smaller than the palm of my hand. They let me hold him and he went straight to my neck and fell asleep.

    I am so glad we went there that day and got Benny. Even though I was looking for a Rex rabbit I wouldn't trade Benny for anything in the world. He is the perfect rabbit. Now he loves to hop around and tease our three cats, dog, two guinea pigs, and follow the hamster around everywhere. When he is done playing he hops straight upstairs to his cage and when he is down stairs or upstairs he makes sure he goes in his litter box. So yet again he is the perfect rabbit and I recommend this breed of rabbit to anyone!

Benny, the Pet of the Day
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Benny, the Pet of the Day
Benny, the Pet of the Day
Benny, the Pet of the Day

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