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November 5, 2009

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Benjamin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Benjamin
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Kind: Guinea Pig
Home: Lake Mary, Florida, USA
   Meet Benjamin, the party pig. We think he is about six years old, but he is a rescue so we don't know for sure. Here is Benjamin helping to celebrate his sister Molly's 5th birthday, though he seems a little displeased about the party hat. He is a very special addition to our guinea pig family - all seven of them! His happy little personality and charming way of camping out in front of the refrigerator demanding carrots has brought us many moments of delight! He is one spoiled pig, though they all are!

    Benjamin is very special because he found us at a time that we were very sad. We had just lost two guinea pigs in a very short period of time due to illness and I would not have believed that anything or anybody could have made me smile. As fate would have it, my boyfriend saw a little note on the billboard of our vet's office that a guinea pig needed a home as soon as possible. I felt that we were meant to see that ad for a special reason, so we went to pick him up. From the moment I saw Benjamin, he seemed like a happy little soul. We brought him home and he started to take over the place. He was not too happy to be stuck in a cage so we let him run around free-range. He visited all the other guinea pigs and said hello through the bars of the cages, then proceeded off to look at the refrigerator like he knew some good things were waiting inside to be served to him. I gave him a carrot that he practically inhaled, and that began his daily trips to the refrigerator.

    He will wait for me to open the door then he runs in and put his legs on the lower shelf waiting for me to serve up his veggies. He loves all his fellow guinea pig brothers and sisters and visits all of them each day. He then will chose the lucky one that he decides to sleep next to, for a while. He is very good to his Mommy, too, and will let me pick him up regularly and give him lots of kisses on his cheek. When he gets tired of that, he will put his little foot on my month to tell me he has had enough for now.

    Benjamin seems to have known that he was needed to mend some broken hearts and he finds different ways each and every day to bring a smile to our faces.

Benjamin, the Pet of the Day

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