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May 20, 2009

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Robin, the Pet of the Day
Name: Robin
Age: Ten months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Miniature Donkey
Home: Gallatin, Tennessee, USA
   Here is my little friend Wee Ones Rockin Robin. She is a miniature donkey who lives here on Wee Ones Farm in Tennessee, so that's why she has that as part of her name. She is always ready to play. Robin loves children and will let anyone pet her or walk her. Most miniature donkeys have a loving personality. As you can see, Robin is very special to all of us here at the farm. I really do think she is part human sometimes by the way she seems to talk to you with those pretty eyes of hers. Couldn't you just give her a big hug right now?

    At ten months old now, she will do just about any thing you can ask of her. She is sweet, cuddly and eager to please. In her close-up, she is wearing her Mexican Sombrero, and in the other picture she is dressed up in her Easter best! We love you, Rockin Robin!

Robin, the Pet of the Day

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