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May 13, 2009

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Spitfire, the Pet of the Day
Name: Spitfire
Age: One year old
Gender: Male
Kind: Ribbon Snake
Home: New York, USA
   My pet is a Northern ribbon snake which I named Spitfire. It is from the northern and central part of the State of Indiana. These snakes have long, slender bodies that are about 18 to 34 inches in length. They are black with two yellow stripes that run down the sides of their bodies. When a ribbon snake breathes, its scales expand, revealing faint white dots on the sides of its body. Ribbon snakes also have a tongue that helps them find food by sensing different scents in the air. These snakes eat fish, frogs, and salamanders found in the areas where they live. They can be found in southern Ontario, Michigan, southern Maine to New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and southern Indiana. There are no local laws about keeping my pet Spitfire.

    I chose this pet because the employee at the pet store told me that this snake does not eat much and is easy to take care of. When I first saw Spitfire, I was amazed at how fast he moved in his cage. Spitfire is very inexpensive to take care of and it is mostly friendly, except to fish.

    Even though Spitfire is easy to keep, many new responsibilities came with this job. About once a week, I fill a water dish with water and fish. I go to the pet store with my dad every week to buy food. I enjoy letting Spitfire out onto my porch so I can play with him and give him exercise. Spitfire lives in an old fish tank covered with pebbles and wood chips. I put his tank by the window. I do place a three pound weight on top of the tank so Spitfire cannot escape, as he is so speedy!.

    I enjoy this pet because I love animals, especially reptiles. By taking care of Spitfire, I learned a lot about this type of snake and also about the responsibilities of taking care of a pet. Spitfire is a very special pet for me.

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