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May 5, 2009

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Nemo, the Pet of the Day
Name: Nemo
Age: Nine years old
Gender: Male
Kind: American Warmblood
Home: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
   This is my horse, Nemo. I have had him for a year and a half and he is probably my best friend! I ride him every day except for Mondays because that is the day off for all horses and riders at the barn.

    I love my horse because he has such a good personality. I swear he is a dog, but in horse-sized version. Nemo or Neems for a nickname, sleeps all day and eats. I am not kidding. He is my little Pudge whom I just love! He chews on the lead rope all the time and plays tug of war with it, too. When I ride him, I work him for thirty minutes solid on my own and then for lessons, it is an hour for one session so that's the most work he does in a day. If it is a horse show, it is a couple hours, but with breaks in between.

    A lot of little kids at the barn go up to him and play with him and pet him. He is very friendly and never bites at all. I love Nemo so much! No one could ever imagine how much I love him. He is such a great horse and he tries to hard to be perfect. I wouldn't trade my horse for anything!

Nemo, the Pet of the Day
Nemo, the Pet of the Day

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