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March 29, 2009

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Jack and Lizzie, the Pet of the Day
Name: Jack, Lizzie
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male, Female
Kind: Scarlett, Greenwing Macaw
Home: Genoa, West Virginia, USA
   These are my two Macaws, Jack and Lizzie, they were rescued by a lady I once worked for. Their previous owner was going to wring their necks! He kept them in a small closet-like room, and Jack, who is a Scarlett Macaw, had chewed holes in the ceiling and was trying to make a nest up there. As a result he got insulation all over him and lost all of his body feathers. Lizzie, the Greenwing, did not have much feather damage, just from Jack pulling on her.

    The lady who rescued them tried to keep them herself but did not know much about birds. She remembered I had parrots and came to my home and asked if I wanted them. She did not even know what kind of birds they were, just said she had two red birds. I thought maybe she had Lorries or Rosellas, I was shocked and awed when I saw two Macaws! I took them home that day. Their cage was much too small and I had another cage here which was larger, but also too small. But they were out of the cage all day until bedtime and I bought lots of toys and swings for them too. This about as close as they get to each other now that they have a big cage and are out all day. Jack bullied Lizzie when they were in their other home crammed into in that little cage, so she kind of keeps her distance even though I have not seen him attempt to boss her around recently.

    They are both sweet and funny birds. Jack is slowly regrowing feathers and enjoys his baths. Both are so smart and playful and not nippy at all, which is amazing considering their past. They can talk well for Macaws, and they laugh! It is so funny to hear them. I love them both very much and when I look at them it is hard to fathom that their owner wanted to kill them. I feel extremely fortunate to have these wonderful birds in my life.

    I recently bought them a huge cage, so big that I can get inside it! Jack is regrowing his feathers, though it can take a long time as they grow back in stages. They are doing great now, and I look forward to many happy, healthy years with them in the future.

Jack and Lizzie, the Pet of the Day
Jack and Lizzie, the Pet of the Day

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