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March 12, 2009

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Levi, the Pet of the Day
Name: Levi
Age: Eleven weeks old
Gender: Male
Kind: Pacific Parrotlet
Home: Palm Harbor, Florida, USA
   Before I got Levi I did a lot of research on the different kinds of pet birds. The thing that stuck out to me the most about parrotlets is that they are known as being "big birds in a little bird's body." I have always been fascinated with large birds, but can't help but feel intimidated by the size of their strong, powerful beaks. So a parrotlet seemed to be a good fit for me. They have all of the virtues of a large parrot, but are no greater in size than a parakeet.

    I got Levi from a breeder the day before Valentine's Day. He was hand fed/raised as a baby and it definitely shows. He is already so sweet and loveable. He loves to be near me and would much rather be riding around on my shoulder than away in his cage by himself.

    He likes to eat breakfast at the same time I do. While I eat he sits on the windowsill nearby and munches on his seeds while looking out the window. He seems to enjoy the view of the grass and trees outside. That is until he gets bored and decides he wants to do something else. He is very active and doesn't like to sit in one place for very long. During the day he is always moving.

    Although he has only been in my life for a short time, he is already very special to me. He has bonded so quickly to me and I know that we will just continue to get closer as time goes by. I have been going through a hard time and he has already made my days a little brighter with his cheerful and fun loving personality. He is a great little bird to be around and I am so very glad that I have him.

Levi, the Pet of the Day

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