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March 2, 2009

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Tickles, the Pet of the Day
Name: Tickles
Age: Three and a half years old
Gender: Male
Kind: Black Capped Conure
Home: South Wales, UK
   This is 'Tickles' my Black Capped Conure. He is almost four years old as he was hatched on the fourth of March, 2005. He was an only chick, and their first born. Taken from the nest at three weeks to be hand-reared, I got him at seven weeks and five days. He still had to be hand-fed for a further couple of weeks. I also had a very talkative budgie at the time and feared 'Frankie' (budgie) wouldn't like the new arrival. How wrong I was! Frankie adored him and followed him everywhere after showing him all the places to land when out of their cages. Frankie loved him so much that he even regurgitated seed on demand to Tickles who promptly chased him away as soon as he got what he wanted. But, no matter what, Frankie kept coming back twittering and saying 'give us a kiss' or 'Tickles's a dozy wozzock' and 'you're such a greedy boy' and 'c'mon, in your cage now!" Sadly Frankie died June 2007.

    Being an 'only child' now, Tickles doesn't seem to know what he is. There's no reaction when shown a mirror. Never mind. He's now a very sweet, gentle little chap despite having been a bit of a hooligan at around one year old. Unlike other birds I've had in the past he's not destructive, just rather messy as he likes to put food in the drinking water and make 'soup'! He is however, very particular about bathing. He loves to bathe in whatever is available - his own bath in his cage, in the tub, but best of all the bathroom sink with the tap running so that he can wash and preen every single feather!

Tickles, the Pet of the Day

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