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June 29, 2009

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Ruby, the Pet of the Day
Name: Ruby
Age: Three months old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mule
Home: Cass County, Missouri, USA
   This is "Ruby Tuesday," (named after the Beatles' song, not the restaurant chain). My husband gave her to me for Mother's Day this year! I bet I am the only mother who received a baby mule for Mother's day, to be sure!

    Ruby is now about three months old, and she is so funny! She has quite the pleasant personality, and she just adores human contact! She will always come to us when we call her, and we always have a nice reward for being so good. She loves her back and bottom to be scratched, and she loves having her fuzzy mane brushed. She is still very fuzzy, but she is starting to get her big girl coat now. She will be a very good looking mule! Her Momma, Cricket, is a thoroughbred/appaloosa mix, and Ruby's daddy is a big guy, so she is likely to be pretty big girl! She lives in our pasture with her Momma and five other horses, three of them big draft horses, but she is already bossing them around! We live on a rural road in Cass County Missouri, and everyone that lives up and down the street stops and plays with her, takes her picture, or tries to feed her. You would think they had never seen a baby mule before! Luckily, her milk teeth prevent her from eating the well intentioned, but not-so-good-for-her treats! She is still learning to eat grass, just like her momma does.

    I just adore her, and I can't thank my husband enough for getting her for me. What a delightful present! I think every horse owner should get a mule if they can, they are funny, friendly, intelligent, sweet and just plain all around great! I love my little Ruby mule.

    This is Ruby and her mom, Cricket when she was getting used to the new farm. She also enjoys scratches from Dad. What a doll she is!

Ruby, the Pet of the Day
Ruby, the Pet of the Day

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