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June 24, 2009

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Patchy, the Pet of the Day
Name: Patchy
Age: Seven weeks old
Gender: Female
Kind: Mini Lop Rabbit
Home: Devon, England
   Patchy lives with her "sister" Pebbles, who is a week older than she is and all black. It is very easy to tell them apart, and even without the coloring difference it still would be have real personalities! Pebbles will be happy snuggling down for a hug; while Patchy likes to race around, and jump on you. Patchy is a very spunky, very active rabbit, she was just relaxing for a minute in this picture. That is her sister's fur in the edge of the picture.

    They are very both affectionate because whenever I come to play with them, they leap up at me, and nuzzle me. They are the cutest the rabbits in the world, and I love them to bits! I don't know if Patchy's other ear will end up flopping down soon, I think it's really cute. She is a very special bunny to me.

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