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June 20, 2009

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Luna, the Pet of the Day
Name: Luna
Age: One year old
Gender: Female
Kind: Ball python
Home: Delta, British Columbia, Canada
   This is Luna, a spider morph ball python which I originally acquired in November 2008. These snakes are called spider morphs because of the webbed pattern markings. This girl was originally from a breeder in Toronto. Her original name is Thorn, which I really liked, but the name "Luna" just felt right. I adopted her because her previous owner felt like he didn't have enough time or space for her. She was originally going to be a breeder.

    Luna is my little baby. She has amazing green eyes. Crazy head markings and pale green eyes make the spider an absolutely gorgeous snake. i have found that a lot of the time, the markings on spider ball python's heads vary from snake to snake. This girl is extremely docile - she's never bitten anyone. She is currently "tank-mates" with a normal ball python named Calcifer.

    I own three snakes - a normal ball python, Calci, a corn snake named Saelix, and Luna. Also, my boyfriend's nearly full-grown ball python, Sage, also resides with me at the moment. I thank him for introducing me to the world of snakes. Ever since he gave me my first corn snake, I have been hooked! I am drawn to the fact that ball pythons and corn snakes are so easy to maintain - as well as beautiful to look at.

    Occasionally Luna exhibits this strange movement, where she flips upside down, or turns her head upside down / in different angles, mostly while I am holding her. She's very eccentric and inquisitive. The spider gene seems to be commonly associated with this corkscrewing motion, but it is sometimes present in other ball pythons as well. I have been told It is not known whether it is neurological in nature or something else (possibly an equilibrium problem?), but it has something to do with the genetics which are associated with this gene. Nobody really knows. There are different opinions about this topic. It is not a fatal condition, as it does not get in the way of Luna living happily. I just believe it adds character. She's got a very unique personality and she has very good feeding responses. I have just recently successfully switched her over to frozen/de-thawed mice. Feeding live could potentially pose a risk to your snake. If the rodent is very aggressive, the snake could get injured. It puts my mind at ease that she so willingly and enthusiastically accepts non-live mice. Some ball pythons can be picky eaters, so I am glad Luna is not picky!

    I have dreamed of a spider ball python for a very long time. When I saw that someone in the area was trying to re-home her, my dream came true. It was meant to be! Her markings are truly amazing. I can't get enough of her, I have a ton of "baby pictures" of her. More to come, as she is a popular victim of my photography.

    I can't wait to see how striking she will be when she is full grown. She is my pride and joy.

Luna, the Pet of the Day
Luna, the Pet of the Day

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